Changes in User interface

I am a huge fan of InfluxDB, and the new cloud subscriptio I now have signed up to is for a specific instance for handling of measurements for a production facility in Norway. We are in the process of how to do the instrumentation of certain measurements.
There are one issue that I need to get a better understanding of.

In other instances of Influx 2.0 (I have actually a 1.7 version running as well) I have I have now been using the Data Explorer much. In the newest instance (Influx Cloud) I have subscribed the Data Explorer is different that the other instances of Influx 2.0 I am using. Is there a setting or configuration where I can choose the “old” Data Explorer. Furthermore I have problem where to find (or how) and use the Flux scripting language in the new interface.

I cannot find Book, Boards, Task or Alerts either.

I have another use case where I have installed InfluxDB 2.0 in a docker container on a Google Cloud VM machine. Here I have a user interface that I am familiar with. I have loaded up a lot of senor data from two vessel (ships) over a peridod of 15 months. I am planning to run a course using this instance and the data, and a huge part of the course is based on calculations where several signals are involved using Flux - both in InfluxDB Explorer and Grafana. However if this user interface will be faced out I migth to consider to develeop the course using the query languaged that will be offered by InfluxDB forward.

Is it appreciated if I can get some guidance in what directions I can take from here.

I had many of the same questions as you when I installed InfluxDB Cloud with IOX a few weeks ago, and was told “We still have flux accessible via the query endpoint so Grafana flux dashboards are still compatible through this means. Though I would check out IOx.from() and IOx.sql for a better experience. We have also released a new plugin for grafana OSS which allows you to use flight SQL directly which is the most performant way to query InfluxDB IOx .”

So you should still be able to use your Flux queries in Grafana and have them work against the new InfluxDB Cloud with IOX. For me, I need the Flux query editor in InfluxDB (not Grafana) to help me write Flux queries, so I am going to stay with InfluxDB OSS for now.

Maybe someone from InfluxDB can more succinctly answer your questions.

Dear grant1

Thankyou for your reply on this. Your experience is useful for me when deciding for what direction I will choose foward. I think I will continue with InfluxDB 2.0 OSS for the course I am planning as using Flux for “math between measurements” is an important feature, and the “new” InfluxDB iOX for the facility data as this is first and foremost pure observation of data related to electricity, water consumption, vibration, air quality etc and will be visulalized in Grafana.

Again, thankyou for sharing your experiences.

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