Building on top of infuxdb 2.x is discouraging and there isn’t a good alternative right now

So I have been building some dashboards and tools and what have you. Since this is, naturally, somewhat of a clean-slate thing, I’ve chosen InfluxDB2. I was super pumped to hear about IOx back when it was announced (in large part because it was RiiRd, but also because performance and things).

This weekend investigating why there still isn’t a package of InfluxDB 3.0 in my distribution of choice I realized that the self-hosted solution is still some ways away. Looking into this a bit further I have also found that flux – the query language of InfluxDB 2.x is no longer going to be supported in 3.0.

Hence the title. Not only any time spent further learning the flux language is going to be (effectively) wasted, but anything that I build today, I will need to rebuild the day I migrate my work over to 3.x. This is pretty discouraging for builders in a situation such as mine. It would help if there were firmer timelines (compared to “sometime”) on when the InfluxDB 3.x is expected to become available for self-hosting. If nothing else, it would help me to make a decision on whether to wait, to investigate incrementally moving over to InfluxDB 1.x queries, or something else entirely.

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Hi @nagisa

I would only add that if you start working today with the Influx 3.0 Cloud solution (even the free tier, just to get started), you can start building queries in InfluxQL or SQL, choosing your field names and tag names to get your DB planning / designing underway, building dashboards in Grafana using the FlightSQL connected to Influx 3.0 Cloud, etc.

Then, when the self-hosted version becomes available, all your work can be moved over there.