InfluxDB add-on to Home Assistant OS on Raspberry Pi

Hello to All,

I am an absolute beginner as regards databases.
My intention is to retrieve data from Viessmann ViCare Home Assistant integration in order to keep the history of my gas bolier data and visualize it with Grafana.
The data is available because it is shown in HA dahboard.
What I don;t know is how to push the data from HA to InfluxDB.
I followed a certain guide for setting up InfluxDB and Grafana but what to do next?

Now we've got this in place, add the following snippet to your Home Assistant configuration.yaml file.

  host: a0d7b954-influxdb
  port: 8086
  database: homeassistant
  username: homeassistant
  password: <yourpassword>
  max_retries: 3
  default_measurement: state

Restart Home Assistant.

You should now see the data flowing into InfluxDB by visiting the web-interface and using the Data Explorer.

I see no flow. :frowning: