WebUI not accesible

Hi there,

I just installed InfluxDB 1.81 for gathering data of all my smarthome sensors/functionalities.
For visualising the data I decided to use Grafana. But the web-frontend always suggests a lot manipulating query parameters like mean, fill and so on.
But I wanted to see the “raw” data without all the aggregations and so I was looking for another possibility to visualise the data. So I wanted to use Influxdb UI. But after some reading I realized that I didn’t install the newest Version of InfluxDB and that the version I installed doesn’t have a graphical UI.
I upgraded InfluxDB from 1.81 to 2.4. But still there is no graphical UI. Everytime I try to connect on Port 8086 I get : 404 Page not found.
So I searched the already topics here. Result is that the port is already in use. But it is in use by iobroker. I think that Version 1.81 used this port for server/client communication.
Also I didn’t change the communication settings in iobroker when upgrading to Influxdb V2.
The settings still use V1 commucation with Port 8086.
But it still works.

So what to do? Should I change the port in iobroker? But how does Influx know that data comes on a foreign port?

The upgrade itself was no Problem. data and users were upgraded successfully to V2.

Hello @Scarface,
What is your OS and how did you install an upgrade?
How are you able to confirm that you successfully upgraded to v2?
Silly question but are you running the deamon?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

My OS ist debian 11 bullseye.
As I said. First install was influxdb 1.8.1 installed by “apt install influx”

then I set up my database and began filling with data.
I noticed that some functions were missing.
So I read in some posts how to fix.
I installed influxdb v2.4 guided by the official Howto.

After that I migrated with “influxd upgrade”.

In Console I coud see that everything was ok. But only Port was already in use.
Finally I uninstalled influxdb 1.8.1.
if I do “influxd -v” I get Versin 2.40.

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