Unable to see the influxdb GUI at port 8083



I want to use influxdb and grafana as the storage and visulaization tools to monitor the ONOS controller.
ONOS website says use version 0.10.3 and i am not able to find the download for 0.10.3 also when i installed Influx 1.2, i am not able to access the gui at port 8083.

Can some one please help me with right directions please



Admin UI will be deprecated starting from v1.3. It can be enabled in v1.2 by editing the influxdb config file.
Read more here: https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.2/tools/web_admin/

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@Sonali_Chandna You might want to check out chronograf too!


can i use it with onos?

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@Sonali_Chandna Absolutely!