Localhost:8086 shows 404 page not found. How do I see the GUI?

Just installed influxdb-1.3.5-1 . I do not see any gui when I go to localhost:8086 . I also have asked this in stack overflow . I want to do what this guy is doing where I connect to grafana. In his video you can see a GUI. Also, if you look at my stack overflow question I also see “There was an error writing history file: open : The system cannot find the file specified.” after every command.

I believe the UI option is no longer available with 1.3.1+. As far as I know the UI option only allows to generate some basic influx db commands and does not allow to manipulate / query data from UI.

Regarding the error, I just ignore that and I have not seen that error causing any issues / side effects.

I recommend trying out the Chronograf UI.