404 error on new install of InfluxDB

Hi All,

Doing a POC using InfluxDB and Telegraf using Docker on MacOS for now. I have containers for telegraf, influxdb, and grafana all running on the name bridged network in docker. The grafana default UI comes up just fine on its port but I get a 404 error at http://localhost:8086. If I shell to the influxdb container it seems fine. The logs are there, I can run the CLI and show / create databases and retention policies, etc. But no UI.

I am able to hit the port from the host (MacBook) and have confirmed the listening process is docker. I am not a docker or Influx guru by any stretch so this is likely something simple.

Docker Run

docker run --detach --net=influxdb-telegraf-net -v /Users/randy.knight/monitor/data/influx:/var/lib/influxdb:rw --hostname influxdb --restart=always -p 8086:8086 --name influxdb influxdb:1.8

Networking confirmation
`% nc -vz localhost 8086
Connection to localhost port 8086 [tcp/*] succeeded!

% netstat -anv | grep 8086
tcp46 0 0 *.8086 . LISTEN 131072 131072 836 0 0x0100 0x00000006
tcp6 0 0 ::1.57203 ::1.8086 TIME_WAIT 407800 146808 7683 0 0x2031 0x00000000

% ps -Ao user,pid,command | grep -v grep | grep 836
randy.knight 836 /Applications/Docker.app/Contents/MacOS/com.docker.backend -watchdog -native-api`

InfluxDB 1.x has no builtin GUI, therefore not available :wink:
You would need Chronograf for this.
Any reason to use the old InfluxDB 1.x ?
InfluxDB 2.x has a builtin GUI.

Looks like that was my confusion. The version and GUI. I will look at 2.x.