Influxdb not listening on port 8086


I can’t access the GUI on port 8086.This is my config file

I tried to change https-enabled = false to https-enabled = true but influxdb failed when restarting.

Would really appreciate some help on this. Thanks!

@sam5061 It appears you’re using InfluxDB 1.x, which doesn’t provide a native GUI as part of the InfluxDB server process. For a GUI, you need to install and use Chronograf which runs along side of InfluxDB and is, by default, accessible on port 8888.

Only InfluxDB 2.x provides a native GUI as part of the InfluxDB server process.

Hi Scott,

would I be able to use InfluxQL with version 2.x?

And if I continue with version 1.x, is there any other way for me to configure buckets, etc without chronograf?


Yes, you can use InfluxQL with 2.x: Query data with InfluxQL | InfluxDB OSS v2 Documentation

“Buckets” are an InfluxDB 2.x concept. With 1.x, you have “databases” and “retention policies” which can be managed using Chronograf or InfluxQL database management commands: Manage your database using InfluxQL | InfluxDB OSS v1 Documentation

So you can use the 1.x influx shell to connect to your local InfluxDB instance and create databases and retention policies.

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I understand things better now. Thanks for explaining!