Help for Newbie installing on Raspbian

I’m stuck trying to install this for Smartthings. I believe i followed installation instructions correctly but cannot get to the GUI.
8086 gives me “404 page not found” which apparently means its working but how do i then get to admin to allow me access? appreciate any help.

8086 is the port for the InfluxDB server. If you’re trying to get to administration functions, you’ll need to have Chronograf installed, and then connect to port 8888 which will give you access. If you would rather use the CLI, that should be available with simply having InfluxDB installed. You can download and install Chronograf from Downloads

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So to use the influxDB server I should also install Chronograf? Thanks for advice

The visual layer is Chronograf, which lives on port 8888 after you install it. It’s up to you whether to use it or not, but if you’re looking for a GUI, that’s where you should start.

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