Installing InfluxDB and Chromograph on a armhf Raspberry Pi

I tried looking for sources and info but I’m lost, in this thread it’s stated that
instructions on how to accomplish this are outdated and there is still no follow up.

Where can i find a real, good guide on how to install InfluxDB and Chronograph on my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Stretch?

I installed InfluxDB without problems like this:

Add influxdb repo to source list:

echo "deb stretch stable" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/influxdb.list

Update package list and install influxdb:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install influxdb
sudo service influxdb start

and that’s it. I’m kinda confused on how to install everything else.

I want to install chronograph and be able to access an admin panel, mostly.

I have mariaDB and phpmyadmin (sitting behind Nginx as a reverse proxy) running on the raspi and I’d love to use something similar for InfluxDB.

I know it’s weird but i’m doing all of this mostly for educational purposes and to hack around! I want to get into IoT soon and switching from a classic mariaDB+grafana approach to InfluxDB+Chronograph seems a good idea.

Have you followed the instructions on how to install Chronograf itself? Since you’re using the v1.7.x series you’ll need to install each component individually and have them point at one another.

The new v2.0 alpha binaries are actually fully self-contained, with each component of the TICK stack integrated into a single binary (which is why TICK is going away!).

@sebito91 Thanks for the link! Will the same procedure work even though my Raspberry runs on armhf architecture? (In my case I’m using an old raspberry 2b using an old CPU chip)

I honestly have no idea, never tried it before! But if you’re able to install and run influxdb then you should be able to do the same with the other components.

I believe that armhf is still built by default, so apt-get install chronograf telegraf kqapacitor should get everything running. Then point your browser to http://<pi-address>:8888/ to get to Chronograf.

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