Influxdb and Chronograph Setup

How can we setup or configure Influxdb with chronograph.? Please explain step by step if possible.

Did you RTM? It is pretty straight forward.

Installing InfluxDB:

Installing Chronograf and configuring it with InfluxDB

There is a pretty decent how to guide here

The versions used are a little out dated now, you should replace the links in the commands to use the more recent releases of the TICK stack but that guide is good.

It’s what i used to get the whole stack working in the first place.

That’s a good link too. I do wish Influx had more “tutorials” that go end to end with basic configuration to get running

Agreed, it would be nice to see some real world examples/tutorials as opposed to an overview and vague explanation.

I’m not really a developer so sitting and reading through the docs at first was a bit much to take in, personally i learn by being shown or through examples.

Hello @Esity and @philb

can you please tell me what will be “–web.listen-address” for influxDB. i am using this in procfile.

This should be the IP Address/Hostname for the device InfluxDB/Chronograf is running on.