InfluxDB on OpenShift


I would like to test InfluxDB single component and install it on RedHat OpenShift but I found no Information about installation of InfluxDB on RedHat OpenShift.

  1. Can anyone of you guide me how to get this done on OpenShift to test
  2. Is it possible to deploy community edition on OpenShift?
  3. Any other information I need to move forward with this.

Appreciate if anyone can guide me through this as it’s real hard to find something on the same topic.


I know that Influx is available in the container catalog. There’s a joint webinar with OpenShift and Influx you can watch here (you have to register, but it’s free) that might explain more of the details.

Thanks for your reply. I have watched that already but still have no idea where I have to start from. OK I have download the image from Redhat catalog but then I was looking for sample config in order to deploy the container with required config. Any ideas where I can find that.