The plan for InfluxDB 3.0 Open Source

I posted an update to our blog about the plan for InfluxDB 3.0 Open Source. In it I give details about what we intend to have in future open source builds, clarification on IOx and Flux and more. I’m happy to answer any questions here.


I read your post. When is the first release of InfluxDB Edge?

We don’t yet know when the first release will be. We’ll put out an alpha when we have it available.

Hi Pauldix,

I’m in the process of planning the data infrastructure for a startup and more or less decided to use influx db. I’ll need a running prototype until end of the year.
Would you recommend 1.8 or 2.7 until OSS 3 is out?

Using 1.8 and keeping to InfluxQL will probably be the easiest transition. Although you could use 2.7 and enable the InfluxQL API in that if you prefer. We’ll have data migration tools for both to v3.

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Is there any docker image available for influxDB 3.0? The latest on Docker Hub is 2.7.1. I saw your promotional video, and 3.0 has a lot of really cool stuff.
Please advise.

Thanks for the quick reply! Two more questions if i may.
Will 3.0 have similar limitations regarding the Organization and bucket limits (20 buckets actively written)?
I’m planning to create one org per customer to stay flexible for future migrations/upgrades to enterprise versions but for the prototype development we need a machine local installation.

Is the slack workspace still available? The link on the community landing page seems to be broken and since I’m new to time series databases, I have some design questions.

We don’t yet have builds for 3.0 for open source. We’ll be putting builds and documentation out when it’s ready, but it will take some time.

Open source 3.0 won’t be optimized for running many individual databases. The Slack community is still alive and well, here’s a link: Slack

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If we are using InfluxDB 2.x with “join” and “pivot” to combine time series, these things were not available in InfluxDB 1.x using InfluxQL, will they disappear again in InfluxDB 3.x ?