InfluxDB 3.0 release timeline

When can we expect InfluxDB 3.0 Edge / Community versions to become publicly available?

The plan doesn’t seem to specify a timeline.

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Hello @Phil_Lundeen,
We don’t have exact dates yet, but I’m told we might expect to see Edge before the year is up.

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That sounds promising. :slight_smile:
Do you know if there will also be an upgrade path from 1.8.x to 3.x?

I ask, because we held upgrades to 2.x back as long as possible, since we were not too eager to use Flux…

The first release of Edge will be an early alpha, mainly just for testing. It won’t be for production use. I’m hoping something will be available by end of year, but it may be into early next year.

The plan is to provide data migration tools for both 1.x and 2.x, but we won’t have them at that time. I’d expect that in the first half of next year.

We’ve been focused entirely on our commercial offerings so far, but we’re starting to get together some efforts for the open source builds. We’re hiring and once we get a few people on board I’d expect things to move a little more consistently and quicker.

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Any updated ETA for community edition?

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We were delayed getting our start on it, but we’re actively in development now. It’ll be later this year. I’m shooting for late May, but it could come sooner than that. Importantly, as of the beginning of February, we’ll have two people working on it full time and me part time. And we’ll be adding people as the year progresses, so I expect development to accelerate.

Excellent! I’m using 1.0 for Home Assistant data and graphing with Grafana. Looking forward to 3.0.

Hi @pauldix any update on the timeline? We’ve been trying to export data from cloud to on prem OSS v2 with a ton of issues so hoping V3 will resolve this. Thanks!

Still driving it forward. We’ll definitely have a release later this year, it’s now just a question of what we want to have in the alpha before we release it. Earliest we’d do the alpha release would be near the end of May, but it could be a month or two later than that. I expect that the latest we’d release the alpha would be late July. But things are still very active in development so don’t take these as very solid delivery timelines.