In 2024, which "InfluxDB" should I use to get started and then go to production?

From what I understand in the different documentations :

  • InfluxDB 1.x will not have any more maintenance past 1.8
  • InfluxDB 2.x is using “Flux” which is deprecated and will disappear in InfluxDB 3.x
  • InfluxDB 3.x is not “intended to be a replacement or “light”
    version of our commercial clustered, distributed database offerings, or a
    full replacement for all use cases of InfluxDB 1.x or 2.x open source”

So what is left to get a full featured mature system with future maintenance ? Prometheus :wink: ?

If you’re looking for free, at this point, InfluxDB 1.8 using InfluxQL as the query language is the most future proof thing. Later this year we will have the InfluxDB 3.0 Edge and Community releases that will support the v1 write and InfluxQL query APIs.

If you’re looking for paid, managed offerings, our Serverless Cloud based on the 3.0 distributed database, or Cloud Dedicated are the best to use. Serverless is a multi-tenant platform where you pay for usage as you go. Dedicated is a single-tenant dedicated cluster that can scale up and down, paid through an annual contract and running through a POC with our sales team.