Localhost:8086 Error 404 not found

I just installed influxdb v1.7 on linux and I’m trying to understand it so basicly I’m a noob in the influx`s world. I understood that there are a web api that I can use to query but it seems that something is wrong. Whenever I try to query via http (and port 8086) on my pc I’m getting the 404 error page not found.

I enabled http section:

# Determines whether HTTP endpoint is enabled.
# enabled = true

  # The bind address used by the HTTP service.
  # bind-address = ":8086"

  # Determines whether HTTP authentication is enabled.
  auth-enabled = true

Thanks you

Hi @barkalez,

There is no GUI or web application built into InfluxDB 1.7 itself. The http section in the config provides an HTTP API which can be used to interact with the database using the client libraries, InfluxDB CLI, or Chronograf.

Chronograf is the main GUI for the TICK Stack, and can be used for data exploration and dashboards, as well as basic administrative functions for both InfluxDB and Kapacitor. You can find documentation for Chronograf here, including installation instructions.

Why is this in your documentation?

Maybe because that refers to Influx v2.0, and you are asking about Influx 1.7?


Aah!! I have been referring to wrong documentation all along.