Http 404 page not found

I have influxdb used to run smoothly. Yesterday, I upgraded the OS win2k16 to win2k19. When I run as usual on commandlline as you can see the output on the screen


2021-12-28T15:40:52.948006Z info InfluxDB starting {“log_id”: “0YhR3sKW000”, “version”: “1.7.4”, “branch”: “1.7”, “commit”: “ef77e72f435b71b1ad6da7d6a6a4c4a262439379”}
2021-12-28T15:40:52.948006Z info Go runtime {“log_id”: “0YhR3sKW000”, “version”: “go1.11”, “maxprocs”: 1}
2021-12-28T15:40:53.067008Z info Using data dir {“log_id”: “0YhR3sKW000”, “service”: “store”, “path”: “C:\Users\salam\.influxdb\data”}
2021-12-28T15:40:53.069008Z info Compaction settings {“log_id”: “0YhR3sKW000”, “service”: “store”, “max_concurrent_compactions”: 1, “throughput_bytes_per_second”: 50331648, “throughput_bytes_per_second_burst”: 50331648}
2021-12-28T15:40:53.069008Z info Open store (start) {“log_id”: “0YhR3sKW000”, “service”: “store”, "trace

2021-12-28T16:01:14.464066Z info opened HTTP access log {“log_id”: “0YhSE9aW000”, “service”: “httpd”, “path”: “stderr”}
2021-12-28T16:01:14.465066Z info Listening on HTTP {“log_id”: “0YhSE9aW000”, “service”: “httpd”, “addr”: “[::]:8086”, “https”: false}
2021-12-28T16:01:14.465066Z info Starting retention policy enforcement service {“log_id”: “0YhSE9aW000”, “service”: “retention”, “check_interval”: “30m”}
2021-12-28T16:01:14.465066Z info Listening for signals {“log_id”: “0YhSE9aW000”}

i can connect from command line and can issue different commands "show databases…Use…
but when I try to access the GUI at
I get

HTTP 404 Page not found

Here is the output from cli

Connected to http InfluxDB shell ve
Enter an InfluxQL

show databases
name: databases


Is there any log for the http operations? I enabled
log-enabled = true
access-log-path = E:\Influx\influxdb-1.7.4-1\log

but still no log created. What might went wrong?

InfluxDB 1.x has no UI, therefore you get the 404 error.
For the Web UI in InfluxDBv1, you would need Chronograf.
Or upgrade to InfluxDBv2, where the UI is integrated.

I see, thanks for your response