I had downloaded infuxdb 1.54 on windows, when i go to the browser i get page not found error

Please let me know what changes we need to do influxdb.conf file so that when go to the http://localhost:8086 or 8083 port, we can make create database in influx.

I am keep getting page not found 404 error.

If there is any example file for windows and instructions for setting up it would be very helpf


InfluxDB no longer features a built-in web interface. Port 8086 is used for the InfluxDB API over HTTP.

If you’d like to use a GUI to create databases, that functionality is part of Chronograf, which you can find on our downloads page. Once you have Chronograf running, navigate to the Admin page.

You can also create a new database using the Influx CLI by running a CREATE DATABASE query.