Influxdb not populating Home Assistant DB for Grafana

As an Nooby i am trying to understand & setup InfluxDb & Grafana, i complete what i believe to be configuration in HA and Influx db and watched many video and i keep getting Influxdb error Bad Request in Grafana. I have checked Http settings password etc they seem fine. When i check the explore in Influxdb home assistant autogen is there but it is not showing any domains or entities. Any advise would be appreciated as to where i am going wrong, would be of help.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand the problem from this jumble of sentences. :expressionless:


  • Don’t just download any configurations from the internet without understanding them.
  • Proceed systematically, starting from the data source to the destination.
  • Forget Grafana for now, start at the data source.
  • Reduce the complexity until something works. Then increase the complexity again.
  • Do you use Telegraf? Then start there.