How to access to the data by using InfluxDB add-on in Home Assistant

Hi all,

I’m using InfluxDB add-on in my Home Assistant.
I would like to have an access in order to ‘download’ the database or a way to make a query outside Home Assistant.

Anyone knows how can I do that ?

PS: I already tried to install influxdb (outside Home Assistant) but I can’t have an access to the database I’m using in my HA. If I do show databases, I have the following message:

ERR: unable to parse authentification credentials.

Many thanks! :smiley:

Hello @smilorel,
Since it’s the add-on, it’s all managed by the addon’s settings. Please check out addon-influxdb/ at main · hassio-addons/addon-influxdb · GitHub - the connection details are all defined in the homeassistant yaml.