Hello. Here to say hi and ask questions


Im new to the world of databases and real-time monitoring. The only real reason i have databases is some containers and applications in my lab need a database loaded for them to run.
I was scrolling through grafana data sources and came across influxDB and saw it had integrations with Linux, FreeBSD, docker and Kubernetes. I use them alot and would like to make influxDB part of my infrastructure for home and work.

Now after that rambling :slight_smile: on to my question. What are some useful sources and tutorial that i can use to try and learn more so that i may and incorporate influxDB into my lab. as stated i have docker vms, Kubernetes nodes, Linux vms, and a FreeBSD firewall

Thanks for the help

Hi @BrodieCyber,
Welcome to the community! I would check out our book: https://awesome.influxdata.com/