Last update broke my InfluxDB


Running InfluxDB on Ubuntu 22.04, a few weeks ago I did some updates (to 2.4 I believe?) and after restart, my influxDB didn’t recognize me anymore and my programs (namely Home Assistant) were complaining about not having permission to access the InfluxDB database anymore

I had to redo the setup, i.e. buckets, tokens and even login information.

Just wondering if this has been reported before and can I still access my old database?

Hello @Antonio,
That’s cool to see you’re doing some home automation!

Hmm I haven’t seen that before. Can you share the error? How did you perform the updates?


Sorry, I don;t have any error logs.

The update was just the regular way, where I performed all system updates

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

via terminal line

InfluxDB is part of my list of checking for for system updates

I don’t think my old database was deleted, though, or how I can know or check that?


I have the same issue. Has this been resolved?