Did updating InfluxDB delete my bucket?

I am using InfluxDB OSS on an Arch Linux server. I was previously on InfluxDB 2.2.1, which had been updated from Influx 1.8, and I was using a bucket to store data called solar_stats/autogen

I recently updated from 2.2.1 to 2.5.0, and as far as I can tell, that bucket has been deleted (!). Either that, or I deleted it somehow without intending to, which would be scarier, in some ways.

I have a backup of the data directory, so I think I should be able to recover, but before I went through that hassle, I wanted to check and see if this has ever been seen before, or if there’s some way I might be able to recover the data within influx itself or figure out what happened? Any thoughts?

Coincidentally with the upgrade, my prior chronograf dashboard connection also no longer works, and I’ve been getting and error “authorization not found” when trying to use my previously-existing API token, so it seems like part of my data got wiped some how.

Here’s what I see on my “buckets” page, currently:

That “primary_bucket” is the one I created when I originally upgraded to 2.2.1 using the influxd upgrade command about a year ago when upgrading from 1.8.X. I have not used it for anything since I had the solar_stats/autogen` bucket I was using for storing my data.

EDIT with some more info: Interestingly, my “influx data” directory (the one with influxd.bolt and the engine directory) was the same size before and since the upgrade, so I’m optimistic the data is still there.

Another odd thing, even after creating a new “all access token”, I’m getting the following error using the influx command line:

$ influx server-config -t "Zuunq....."
Error: failed to retrieve config: 401 Unauthorized: access to /api/v2/config requires operator permissions

Maybe my installation is just borked?

This error was because when updating the Arch package to the latest version, it overwrote some changes that I had made to the systemd unit file to use a custom configuration directory. This allowed me to still login, but the newer Influx was actually using a completely different filesystem on disk, which is why my old bucket and API tokens were missing. Once I changed things back, it’s working properly again.

Hello @jat255,
Thank you for sharing your solution!