All data gone after update

Hi folks!

I’m still fairly new to InfluxDB, but I’ve been running it locally to collect smart home metrics for about a month, and loving it. There’s one thing about it that annoys me a bit, and I wanted to ask about it here on the forum. Before doing so however, I figured I’d make sure I was on the latest version. So I ran:

# apt upgrade
# systemctl restart influxdb

And promptly, all my data was gone and I faced an onboarding dialog, instead of my carefully crafted dashboards :cry:

Great lesson to create backups of course, but now my questions are:

  • Should I have gone about the update differently?
  • Is there any way I can still get the data back? Even though it’s only just over a month worth of metrics, it would still be nice to keep.

First of all, please tell us what versions of InfluxDB you were running before
and are running after, the upgrade.

If you’re not sure, /var/log/apt/history.log should tell you.

That will give us some useful information to be able to guide you further.


Hi Antony!

Thanks for your quick reply. I’m guilty myself of what often annoys me in bug reports, should’ve seen that coming :sweat_smile:

I was on:

InfluxDB v2.4.0
Server: de247ba
Frontend: a2bd1f3

And upgraded to:

InfluxDB v2.5.1
Server: 5b6fdbf
Frontend: 822e216


This person seemed to have the same issue as you, but thankfully was able to resolve it. Maybe this will work for you too.