Inconsistent Issues with creating buckets both using CLI as well as UI


we have issues creating buckets using the UI and on a separate note, buckets created via CLI, though successful, are not reflecting in the UI under the respective organization…

Using the UI:

After inputting all the details… click on the create button, does not result in anything… but there is background activity in the influxd logs…

Using the CLI :
This is an example of a successful bucket created via CLI…

$influx bucket create -n azmsws2 -o msiazure --host “http://localhost
ID Name Retention Organization OrganizationID
03664xxx azmxxx 0s msxxxxxxxx 26b1a04000

This bucket does not show up un the msxxxxxxx organiztion buckets list…

Note: I am hosting my site on port 80… hence “http://localhost

On a side note: What are the right values for Retention, as it is expecting values in nanoseconds ?

I wonder if this is all related to running InfluxDB 2.0 on a “non-standard” port. @russ_savage are there any known issues about running the alpha on ports other than 9999?

About retention values, I believe they are expected to be in nanoseconds. Just know the 2.0 influx CLI is going to see a lot of updates soon. I’ve talked to the engineers and put in a request to have this accept any duration, not just ns. e.g.: 1d, 1w, 8d2h12m, etc.