Influx backup not working for few buckets

I am running InfluxDB influxdb:2.4.0 as a docker container where I have five organizations (default, A, B, C, D), and inside each organization, I have 2 buckets that have a data retention one is 6 months and one bucket as 2 years.

Now I am trying to create the backup at the organization level for each bucket.
For a few buckets, I am able to create the backup.

but for a few buckets, I am not able to create any backup and it doesn’t show any error.

it simply shows downloading metadata snapshot and after that, it stops.

and it doesn’t show any data.
I am passing the correct admin token for the default organization it’s working for a few buckets in a few orgs but not for a few in the same orgs.

@Anaisdg @scott could you please help for this issue.

@Ravikant_Gautam I’ve never seen this behavior before. Is there something the in common between the buckets that won’t successfully back up? Are these the buckets with the 2 year retention period? What are your system resources (RAM, CPU, disk, etc.) looking like while trying to perform the backup?

The backup is not happening and doesn’t apply to one type of bucket with the same retention period.

bucket with 6-month data retention and 2-year data retention doesn’t have anything in common.

RAM - 512 GB
CPU - 64
Root storage available - 46GB

@Ravikant_Gautam How much of the system resources are consumed while trying to perform the backup?

it’s very very less I don’t see any major change in resources.

could you please what exactly in the metadata while taking the backup?

As far as I know, the metadata includes shard and datatype information, but it may include more. By chance, in these buckets, are there potentially fields that changed types at some point (across shards)?

I don’t have a deep understanding of the backup mechanics so what help I can offer is limited. This may be something worth creating an issue for on the InfluxDB repo.

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