Backup: what's in "InfluxDB" bucket?


could someone please explain what is inside the bucket “InfluxDB” that I would require to backup and then use for a restore?

In my influxdb, the size of InfluxDB bucket is 13GB, while buckets with my data are much smaller. Therefore I would like to minimize the size of backup and I’m thinking of possible solutions:

  1. Not backing up InfluxDB bucket at all (if I get confirmation that I can restore with the rest of the buckets + some configuration)
  2. Setting InfluxDB bucket retention to 1 day (or even less)

BTW, I see 25 days old data in InfluxDB bucket although the retention is set to delete after 7 days.


OK, so it seems I caused this when I created a scraper for metrics which is storing into this bucket.
I now deleted the scraper and then the bucket.

Hello @nadrog,
Welcome! Is everything working as expected? Just wanted to check.