Influx cli error: no organization with name [foo]

Hi folks,

I’m new to InfluxDB2 and had a bumpy start getting my toolchain going. I am running InfluxDB 2.6.1 on a Linux Debian hosted shared-system, along with MQTT, Telegraf and Grafana. The toolchain seems to be functional, I can see stuff happening on my dashboard but run into problems fine-tuning the system and create telegraf-buckets for downsampled data:
$ influx bucket create -o "foo" -n telegraf/day --retention 1d --shard-group-duration 1h
as well as
$ influx bucket create -o foo -n telegraf/day -r 1d --shard-group-duration 1h
$ influx bucket create -o "foo" -n telegraf/day -r 1d --shard-group-duration 1h -t MYTOKEN
all return
Error: no organization with name "foo"

Interestingly, $ influx auth list returns an empty list
ID Description Token User Name User ID Permissions
as does $ influx auth list -t MYTOKEN and $ influx org ls
ID Name
$ influx config list returns

Active	Name		URL			Org
*	onboarding	https:/	foo
	default		http://localhost:8086	foo

and foo is the organization shown in the WebGUI. The WebGUI shows the existing and functional bucket, as does $ influx bucket ls

ID			Name		Retention	Shard group duration	Organization ID		Schema Type
[ID]	telegraf/actual	23h59m59s	2h0m0s			[anotherID]	implicit

I’m pretty much stuck here. My assumption is, that probably not having necessary sudo privileges, hence my InfluxDB instance running under my hosted-system username which is different to the admin user I use to login into the WebGUI, messes this up.

While the WebGUI is nice, I don’t see a way how to translate the command
influx bucket create -o foo -n telegraf/day -r 1d --shard-group-duration 1h
in the WebGUI :man_shrugging:t2:.

Any pointers taken, thanks!

While I managed to create some more buckets and corresponding downsampling tasks in the UI, none won’t show up as I try to list them via cli.

Now, IF the UI would allow for setting shards and shard groups like --shard-group-duration 1h for any of the existing buckets, too, then I’d be all set. As far as I can see it, the UI has no functionality for shards, nor is there a directory containing config files which would allow for manual editing.

Again, any pointers taken to set shards via UI or editor.

I am also getting started and have the same issue with Windows CLI.
Tried making a new config (testconfig2) and new all access token.

The Org “data” exists in the UI.

Please advise.

PS> .\influx.exe config list
Active Name URL Org
testconfig --my URLhere-- data
testconfig2 --my URL here-- data
PS> .\influx.exe bucket list
ID Name Retention Shard group duration Organization ID Schema Type
PS> .\influx.exe query “buckets()” # nothing shows up but I have 3 buckets in the UI
Error: failed to execute query: 404 Not Found: no buckets found in organization xxxxx
PS> .\influx.exe bucket create -n bucket3 # org=data does exist
Error: no organization with name “data”

PS C:\Program Files\InfluxData> .\influx.exe version
Influx CLI dev (git: none) build_date: 2023-04-28T14:24:13Z