Having trouble upgrading to v1.8

Currently I am trying to upgrade our Influx from version 1.7 to 1.8, and not having much luck.

It seems that our config file must have been carried over from a much much earlier version For example, it doesn’t have an index-version line in the [data] section. I am trying to merge our file with the sample on GitHub, but some of the lines in ours seem rather random and I am having trouble matching them to the corresponding sections in the GitHub config file. May I post the random bits here for feedback?

My second problem is the index files. The upgrade notes say " Delete shard index directories (by default, located at /<shard_ID>/index )." Our data lives here: /var/lib/influxdb/data. In the _series# folder there are subfolders called 00 01 02 etc.

  • Are these likely to be the shard folders?
  • Is there any way to delete the index files without going into each shard folder? (We are running on Ubuntu)

Thank you