Run influxDB OSS v1.8 and 2.x concurrently / Ubuntu 20.04

The title says it all. I’m looking to run both influxDB v1.8 and 2.x on the same machine. We will eventually migrate everything to 2.x, but I need to maintain 1.8 for a while longer.

However, the install for v2.x uses the same paths at v1.8, so if I install 2.x it will overwrite/break my v1.8.

I’m aware that I could solve this using docker, but that presents some other challenges that I’d prefer to avoid.

Presumably this need has come up before? Can any shed some light on how best to do this?

All things being equal, it probably makes more sense to change the paths for v1.8 and have v2.x use the defaults. However, I was t sure how to do this without breaking everything.

All suggestions welcome.

The first things is you need to separate them (let say the 1.8 is in folder “V1.8” and thr 2.x is in the folder “V2.0”

Once separated, you need to change their configuration accordingly, the most important is the port number they use, it is default by 8086, change either of the one.


Do you know if either version is easier or harder to reconfigure? My preference would be to alter the installation of 1.8 since that will eventually be phased out, and leave v2 with the default settings.

To be honest I preferred the V1.8 because it is more easy to use specially when querying data from Grafana, having said that, I already tried V2 and it has a built-in web UI where you can configure things (APIs, explorer and etc.) unlike to V1.8 where you configure things via CLI.
So when it comes to configuring, I think V2 has an advantages, but when it comes to querying data I prefer V1.8.

Exactly my experience!

I find v1.8 much easier to use, and the documentation and the general online resources are far better. I’m sure this is partly because it has been around longer. Many of the most useful resources I e found were not authored by the Influx folks.

I get that v2 has the visual query interface, and that the underlying query language is superior, but in comparison to 1.8, v2 has been far more painful every step of the way.