CLI v1 access when V2 on same server

Hi all,
I installed both influxdb v2 and v1 on same server and all work fine except that I cannot access influxdb v1.8 shell… for both versions, the “influx” command is used !
So I m unable to execute commands directly on the v1.8, like dropping a measruement !

I can send commands via curl -XPOST … but not the most convenient.

any other idea ?



What’s the output from which influx ?
What ports are the two influxdbs running on, by default they should be 8086 and 9999 . Have you tried telling the cli which port you want ?

the output is : /usr/local/bin/influx
I let the defaults ports they are only used fot http request I think.
And by default it’s the influx client v2.0 which runs, so I cannot use v1.8 command with influx client v2.0.