Setting up a new InfluxDb go with 1.7 or 2.0?


I’m in the process of setting up a new environment with InfluxDb. I just discovered this great database and I have no past experience. After researching a little the new version 2.0 looks very nice, I like the UI and the query-language.

What would be recommended? Could I setup the 2.0-alpha and be happy or should I be worries about breaking changes before the RTM? I feel that it might be saver to go with 1.7 but at the same time I would like to avoid the upgrade later on.

Edit: I’m running other parts of the system on Windows, as of now InfluxDb 1.7 runs on Windows but 2.0 requires Docker - is this something to take into consideration?

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So the UI you can get with 1.7 by installing Chronograf and using that rather than Grafana. It’s (largely) the same UI as the 2.0 UI.

2.0 OSS is now in beta, so less risky than alpha, but as you note, still not GA released. There is always Influx Cloud2 which is 2.0, and is in production now. There is even a free tier where you can test out the configuration, etc. and load data. There are limits in Cardinality, retention policy, and throughput but it’s still very useful.

That all being said, there will likely never be a production release of InfluxDB 2.0 for Windows. I’m not even sure if there will be a ‘reference’ build for Windows as there is on the 1.x line. Windows really isn’t for production-level services. (personal bias, but still.)

That all being said, I’ve been running 2.0 for over a year (since very early alpha days) and am super happy with it.