1.x or 2.0 for Windows metrics?

Hi, I’m brand new to metrics gathering and investigating InfluxDB as well as one or two others.
I had a couple of queries:

  1. Posts on these forums say Windows support is experimental which concerns me, is this still the case? The last I saw was 2019 so it might be outdated but we are exclusively Windows and I wouldn’t want to spend time kludging something together.
  2. 2.0 is listed as Beta but realistically if I’m doing some initial investigation and we’d be deploying in a few months, is starting with 1.x a bad idea and 2.0 can be considered stable for normal use? Sorry, I don’t know when 2.0 is due out of Beta.


Are you trying to gather metrics about Windows? Or trying to run InfluxDB on windows?

If you’re trying to collect metrics about Windows, we have a nice InfluxDB Template that will get you started with that right away: https://github.com/influxdata/community-templates/tree/master/windows_system

It uses Telegraf running on your Windows machines to collect those metrics, sending them on to InfluxDB running wherever you want to run it


Sorry not to be clearer. It’s a client server system, all workstations and servers run Windows.
Of course we would probably run Influx (or similar) on a separate server but we’re basically a Microsoft shop.


Can you run InfluxDB in Docker on Windows?