Influxdb 2.0 on Windows

Hello you all.

We are designing an IoT solution with Influxdb being the temporal database. For the Demo presented to the client we installed it over Linux, but the they want it to be run on Windows, if possible. I can see in Influxdata website that now there is a native installation on Windows, but tagged it as a “preview”.

Is it recommendable to have a production environment with Influxdb running on Windows?? Last year it was not, but now, being available an installation over Windows, I am not that sure…

Could anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

For a bunch of months now, there has been an official build for windows, as of now, it shouldn’t be a preview anymore.
Anyway, there will be official support for InflxDB2 on Windows (which is not the case for v1.x), even if I can’t really say that’s a popular platform as most installations of v1 were on Linux and kept using Linux after the v2 upgrade.

To summarize, it should be safe to use Inflxdb2 on Windows, still, I’d like to as @Anaisdg for confirmation as she can know for sure what the current status is.

Thank you very much, Giovanni!!