Will InfluxDb 2.0 be releases for windows


Does anyone know if the latest version of InfluxDb will be released as a Windows binary? Or will Docker be the only option?

Most likely only as a docker option. Wee do not recommend running in production on windows even on the 1.x line, and the 2.x line will likely follow the same recommendations. The 1.x Windows build is really a ‘reference build’ as it has not been through the full CI/CD pipeline.


I see!

Thanks for making this clearer!

I have been using 1.7 on Windows for debugging purposes.
It works nicely, but I ran into some limitations:

  • GoLang on Windows has pretty low memory limit.
  • Kapacitor UDFs use Linux specific sockets.
    As much as I love Windows, some systems are better run on Linux.