InfluxDB options under Windows?



I know (from reading older threads) that until about a year ago, InfluxDB was not recommended for production usage under Windows. Is this still the case? If yes, would a viable (supported) option be to use InfluxDB in a Docker container running in Windows 10? Or some other way of having InfluxDB available in a Windows 10 environment?

I know it works etc, but so does InfluxDB in native Windows. But I have to be sure that I’m taking a supported path for my specific mission critical usage…

(Cloud is not an option as the Computer will be disconnected from all networks).



InfluxDB is still not recommended for production usage under Windows with either the native binaries, WSL, or Docker Windows Containers.

Docker Linux Containers on Windows makes use of a Hyper-V virtual machine running Linux; that or running your own Linux VM are your best options.


Thanks for answering - just to be clear: Running InfluxDB using a Linux Container on Windows should be alright?


Yes, that should be good.