Upgrade 0.13 -> 1.8.3?

How do I upgrade from 0.13 to 1.8.3 ?
On the test server, just put deb, is this correct?
I don’t touch the config yet. I use inmem index.

is anyone there???

Difficult to say with the amount of changes they’ve made over the last couple of years. In theory, that should work but there might be breaking changes. I’d suggest starting here and checking the release notes/change log just to be sure.

It might be prudent to do the update in stages instead of going straight in to 1.8.3

Thanks for your reply.
In changelog.md talk about version 2.0
You may know which versions are special in this chain.

ah sorry that was my mistake, i pasted the wrong change log link. This should cover up to 1.8.3

Influx 2.0 is a new branch being developed, it is in the RC state now. I haven’t moved to influx 2.0 yet so I’m unsure of the upgrade process for that.

Regarding important versions, I can’t confirm. I’ve been using influx 1.5.2 for a long time and have only just started updating to 1.8.3 but I can confirm the update from 1.5 to 1.8 worked fine, i too was using the default inmem indexing.

Thank you very much!
How do you Like version 1.5.2? What are the problems with it?

I’ve not had too many issues with it, but there are improvments in the 1.8 versions compared to 1.5

1.5 is stable, we’ve been using it in production for a year or two now. The reason we’ve taken so long to update to 1.8 is because we’re maintaining the TICK stack across multiple customers and 1.5.2 was a good consistent version.

There are a few bugs in 1.5 that get fixed later down the chain, the one that prompted us to update to 1.8 was a bug with “SHOW TAG VALUES” - It would only show so many of the values we had, which was an issue as we’ve got around 500 hosts to monitor and we couldn’t select them all in our templates. Other than that i think most of the updates come with performance enhancements and, bug fixes and new features. One new feature being the FLUX language which i need to investigate more

Thank you very much for the detailed answer.

No worries, hope it helps. Good luck!