How to properly Upgrade influxdb 1.8 to 2.74?

Hello Everyone,
I’m struggling with upgrade influxdb case a couple of days like many other people here and i still don’t know what is the correct way to do this. I even decided to install a new fresh linux machine and install only the 1.8 influx with some basic configuration then downloaded binaries of 2.74 (i cannot install it parallel because of a port 8086, the same systemd services and so on). I also faced the situation with influxdbv2 that i couldn’t find inside my machine without doing anything with this piece of software.
after copy 2.7 influxd binaries to PATH influxd version still showing 1.8… so influxd upgrade is not possible.
And basically the official documentation not even mention of those things.

Can someone try to explain me the correct way?

I hope we can find the solution together.

I would suggest waiting until the situation becomes clearer with influxdb 3 which will hopefully become available for community/ opensource very soon.

The blog post has more info

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