Upgrade influxdb 1.8 to 2.7 with databases

I am having trouble following the steps to upgrade influxdb 1.8 to 2.7. I have backup my databases and i have installed influxdb 2.7, but I am unable to restore my InfluxDB 1.8 data to 2.7. Can you help me please !

Please define “unable”:

  1. What instructions are you following (URL please) to perform the upgrade?

  2. WHat command/s are you entering in to do restore the 1.8 data?

  3. What response do you get (error message etc)?

  4. Please provide any other information whic may be relevant (such as, if you
    do not get an explicit error message when attempting the restore, how are you
    testing to see whether the data has been trnasferred)?

The more information you provide in your question to help us understand your
system, the more likely it is that someone here can provide a helpful answer.


I use this URL [Texte préformaté](https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v2.7/upgrade/v1-to-v2/) to upgrade. i have use two methods to upgrade but it’s not done unfortunetly.
I have use this command to restore : influxdb restore -portable /path/to/dir.
I use this command to backup : influxd backup -portable /path/to/dir/.

Youssouf !