Migration influxdb 1.8 to 2.7

“I’m having trouble following the InfluxDB documentation for migrating from InfluxDB 1.8 to 2.7. Could someone please guide me? I find it a bit complicated to accomplish on my own. I started by backing up my databases, then I stopped InfluxDB 1.8 to install InfluxDB 2.7, and now I have direct access to the InfluxDB 2.7 interface. However, I’m struggling to import my databases into InfluxDB 2.7. How can I proceed with the importation of my databases? Thank you!”

Hello @Kamsy,
Hmmm I actually recommend waiting to upgrade to 3.x if you can wait. It should be released later this year. Is there a reason why you need to upgrade right now? I’m making this recommendation because v3 is a complete rewrite any many of the features and functionalities of v2 aren’t needed and are being phased out for v3. You would end up learning a lot of things that wouldn’t be supported in the future.

Hello @Anaisdg,
Okay, thank’s for this recommandation. I can wait to upgrade to 3.x when it will be released.
No reason to upgrade right now.

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