Migrating Dashboards with InfluxQL Queries from InfluxDB 1.8 to 2.7: Preserving Query Integrity

I have version 1.8 of InfluxDB installed and I’m migrating to version 2.7.
I managed to migrate data from a 1.8 database to a 2.7 bucket using the “influx_inspect” and “influx write” commands, making good progress so far.

However, I also want to migrate the dashboards I use in Chronograf, connected to InfluxDB 1.8, to the new InfluxDB 2.7. All of my dashboards collect data using InfluxQL. How should I proceed to import them while preserving their original queries?

Could someone help me?

Hello @Alexander_Var,
I actually would recommend holding off on updating to 2.x. 3.x OSS should be available later this year and it uses SQL and InfluxQL for querying. It also is a complete rewrite of the storage engine and has significant performance improvements.

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Thank you for the information.
I appreciate your advice to wait before updating to version 2.x. I’ll definitely take that into consideration.