InfluxQL Support

Hello to everyone !

I have a simple question for a project we are going to be working on the next months. InfluxQL it’s going be fully replaced by Flux at some point ?

We are trying to monitor a lot of services and we looked to some usefull Grafana Dashboards to import that can be used, but all of them use InfluxQL instead of Flux, so my concern is if at some point InfluxQL it’s going to disappear and all that Dashboards are going to be useless in the future.

I tried so search any kind of answer related to this topic but it’s seems no one asked before.

Thank you in advance !

See “InfluxDB OSS 1.x releases” under

Specifically “InfluxDB 1.8 will continue to be maintained and receive defect
fixes through the end of 2021. But InfluxDB 1.8 (and subsequent maintenance
releases) will be the last official release on the 1.x line that will be built
and distributed by InfluxData.”

However also see Query data with InfluxQL | InfluxDB OSS 2.3 Documentation
regarding using InfluxQL queries under InfluxDB 2.x

Hope that helps,