Influx 1.8 -> 2.7

i am planning to move from INfluxDB Version 1.8 to the latest 2.7.
Therefore i created a new VM (Win Server 2019) and installed influxdb version 2.7.

I’d like to move data not in a big bang. Is there a chance to export data from 1.8 to 2.7?
If yes, is this only possible if the mesurement is not there or empty? Or is it also possible to import data into a measurement with data?


if you want to preserve everything as it is, just update your InfluxDB Following the instructions, the data will be preserved. Upgrade from InfluxDB 1.x to 2.7 | InfluxDB OSS 2.7 Documentation (

if you want to export everything as it is to another computer you can do it.
influx backup | InfluxDB OSS 2.7 Documentation (

if you want to generate a file containing a subset of your data you can also do it
influx export | InfluxDB OSS 2.7 Documentation (
influx write | InfluxDB OSS 2.7 Documentation (

If you want to query data, transform it and store it on a different instance you can use the write functions in your query scripts: function | Flux 0.x Documentation (

to(), or wideTo()

thanks, so is it also possible to export a subset from influx 1.8 and then write it to another instance with influx 2.7 without transformation?