Best way to copy specific measurement(s) from Influx 1.8 to Influx 2.2

I would like to know the best way to copy specific data from an Influx database from V1.8 to V2.2

As far as I can tell, the only way to get this data is to run a full database backup with influxd backup, then restore that database to a new server, then upgrade the server to 2.2 and then finally I can export a specific measurement in line protocol and restore it.

Is there perhaps an easier way I can export the data and import it? We have several TB of data in the database and I only need a subset of it.

Thanks in advance.


I had to do the same task, but in my case my Influx v1.8 data was horribly organized (did not correctly use tags, poor field name choices, etc.). I thought well and hard to develop the proper structure of fields and tags, then created a blank v2.3 database.

I ended up using Node-RED to transfer the data. By doing that, I could massage the data (change/add tags, correct field names, etc.). More here.

Same problem here. Just want to transfer one measurement from 1.8 to 2.6

I have 1.8 on a VM with my old data. Could upgrade to 2.6 and use

influxd inspect export-lp \
  --bucket-id 12ab34cd56ef \
  --engine-path ~/.influxdbv2/engine \
  --measurement example-measurement \
  --output-path path/to/export.lp

But if there is a quicker way to do it...