How can i upgrade?

I’ve been trying to upgrade a docker compose project from influxdb v1.8 to v2.7.6 for like the past 2 hours. I cant get it working no matter what i do. Keep in mind, i am on MacOSX, and it doesn’t affect it as it has been working.

Im trying to upgrade it because the project uses grafana. In the dashboard, it updates every second, and ive done everything to make it update faster, and it just doesn’t.
Heres the github repo to the project im trying to replicate :

GitHub - fabiomix/forza-horizon-telemetry: Collect, store and display telemetry data from Forza Horizon

so yeah, how would you approach this?

Hello @billy_cooper,
What isn’t working? What errors are you getting?
Is it just that the grafana isn’t updating as quickly as you’d like?
You’d have upgrade all your queries from influxql to flux as well.