Migration Path 1.x data


for playing with some IoT Data I recently collected in influxDB 1.x I would like to migrate some Databases into Influx 2.0 Buckets. I can’t find a way to restore a Backup of a 1.x DB, or do I totally miss something there? What’s the proposed migration path?


Hi @mephisto, although there is no migration path at this time, there will be one in future. The best option for now is to update your Telegraf to dual write data.

Hi, It’s an older post, but I’m trying to get a 1.8.3 database into a new server (2.0.6) for the last week. Is there a way to do this now? I am still able to run the old influx server, so I tried to update it, but I had no success either. I’m running both influx instances in docker containers. Hope you guys can help me.

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I am preparing an upgrade too , what have you tried so far ?

I am sure you have had a look here … Upgrade 1.x to 2.0

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