recommended update path to InfluxDB 3 Community

Dear Influx community,

we are in progress to update from influxDB1 to influxDB2. As we have read the news about the future plans for InfluxDB3 Community we now wonder what will be the smoother update path to InfluxDB3 Community?
Are there any recommendations foreseeable whether the path
InfluxDB1 => InfluxDB3 Community or
InfluxDB2 => InfluxDB3 Community
will be smoother and more advantageous?
We are using kubernetes und helm charts, might this have consequences for the update process?

Thanks and best regards, Philipp

Hello @Philipp,
I recommend 1 → 3 because you won’t have to learn Flux and you can port over your InfluxQL queries.
I don’t think using kubernetes and helm charts will have consequences. Idk when we’ll have helm charts for 3 available though.

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hello Anaisdg

Thank you a lot for your helpful answer, i understand that the advisible migration path is from Influx 1 to influx 3.
As we are halfway in the update progress with some environments in Influx 2 (with backward compatibility mode, so we did not port over the influxQL queries) and some still in Influx 1.8
I have following 2 questions

  • is there a good way to migrate back from Influx 2 to 1.8 or to transfer data from a influx2 server back to a influx 1.8 server?
  • Will there be a upgrade path from Influx 2 to influx 3 considering especially the backward compatibility mode even though it is not the primarily advised path?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

There will be a data migration path for 2 to 3. If you’re only using the 1.x compatibility mode it should be a fairly straightforward upgrade.

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hello pauldix

thank you a lot for this quick and helpful answer

best regards,Philipp

Do you already know when is 3 available?