Graphite inputs are written into _internal database

Bug report
System info: [Include InfluxDB version, operating system name, and other relevant details]
DB Version: 1.5.2
OS: Linux
Steps to reproduce:

[First Step]
Added graphite as datasource and config is below
enabled = true
bind-address = “:2003”
protocol = “tcp”
database = “graphite-test”
templates = [

[Second Step]
send data to influx like below
echo “ 3 date +%s”|nc localhost 2003

[and so on…]
When I switch to chronograf, a database called “graphite-test” gets created(as expected), but actual data like measurements are shown in _internal database.and I do not see field values too.

Expected behavior: [What you expected to happen]
Data written into right database
Actual behavior: [What actually happened]
Writing into _internal database
Additional info: [Include gist of relevant config, logs, etc.]