Configure Influxdb2.0 with Graphite Plugin

I’m new to Influx, guide me on this.

I’m setting up Graphite-InfluxDB-Grafana for Gatling. I installed and configured the Grafana and Influx guided by the official Gatling real-time monitoring guide, but due to Influxdb 2.0, I have no idea to continue on this. If I run the Gatling script I didn’t see any data populating on the Influxdb bucket I created, maybe due to the incomplete configuration of Graphite plugin.

What are you trying to accomplish?
Try to integrate Graphite-InfluxDB-Grafana

What steps have you taken to achieve this?
Update Gatling.conf as mentioned on “Gatling - Realtime monitoring

Try to update the Influxdb configuration file. No idea how to do.

What error messages are you seeing?
I didn’t see any data on InfluxDB and no logs are available on /var/log/

Welcome. There’s been a direction shift in influxdb2.0 compared with 1.x

In 2.0, influxdb is focused purely on storeage , indexing, and retrieval of native influxdb data. All of the bits that used to be in influxdb have moved into telegraf, or telegraf plug-ins.

For your pipeline , telegraf will sit between graphite, and influxdb. Eg


Here’s the plug-in docs for graphite

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Thanks for the instruction @FixTestRepeat

I understood it should be accomplished through the telegraph. To accomplish this can you guide me on this.

How the above activity can be performed using Influxdb 2.0.

Try to find a Graphite plugin under the telegraph plugin not find anything.

Let me know what next action I need to do @FixTestRepeat .

Telegraf is a standalone app. Can be downloaded from here

Here’s the QuickStart docs

After you have run through the steps above, you should have a generic input section in telegraf, and an output section with details and authentication token to send onto your influxdb2 instance.

The next parts you’ll need to add to telegraf config are the graphite plug-in settings, this is one of the many input plugins. I’m not familiar with graphite formats, but last thing to mention you will possibly also need some processor/transformation plugins so the records from graphite match what influxdb2 needs. All the plugins can be found here

The config details for each plugin can be found by clicking on the GitHub link for each one.

Edit: looks like although telegraf understands the graphite format, at present there is some further requirement to create your own script or tool that is then run by telegraf as an “exec” input plug-in. All still doable, but is an additional piece of work.

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Thanks, @FixTestRepeat . Did the necessary changes, but still didn’t see any data on the influxdb. No data were on to the Gatling simulation.

Attach here with the telegraf.conf and gatling.conf for your reference.

I haven’t come across any examples where a listener socket can receive graphite data.

This is the only example I’ve seen.

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