InfluxDB 2.0 does not support Graphite anymore

Influxdb2.0 does not support graphite line protocol.
Documentations says that now you must use telegraf to convert it.
But suprise! Telegraf seems to not support it either (suggestion is to use “exec” plugin???)
So what I should do? migrate to elasticsearch?

Hello @mgiammarco,
Unfortunately, you’re right.
Here’s an example for how to use the exec plugin:

Maybe give that a try first as migrating sounds annoying.
Let me know how it goes and if I can help further.

I am sorry, I have read the documentation many times but I feel stupid.
Please tell me how with “exec” plugin you can do a server that listens to graphite port, receive, then convert and send data to influx.

Suggest pasting the telegraf config you’ve got at present. Pls use the preformatted code button </> so it’s readable too.

I have no telegraf config at present. InfluxDB 1.8 can use graphite protocol directly.
I need to create a telegraf config with graphite input for InfluxDB 2.0!

After one year, any news on this?

Telegraf now handles all data collection/conversion/delivery tasks. This keeps influxdb itself focused on the internals of indexing/organizing the data stores.

Latest doco link

In scenarios like push based metrics (Graphite) how does telegraf scale? like concurrent clients/connections etc…any idea?